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The newly redesigned MG3000™ improves Faria Beede's CAN Bus solution. This instrument offers a user friendly digital engine monitoring solution for the Marine industry. Larger buttons on the outside of the mask makes it easier to navigate the menus.

Reading the information on the instrument is even easier with the new enlarged 4-line display. We have added a new bright green LCD option for improved viewing at night and various weather conditions. The LCD is available with a neutral gray color or the new bright green and can be back lit in RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE and YELLOW.

The MG3000™ still displays the same great information that users have come to appreciate from the MG2000™. The MG3000™ continues to be the only solution for boat builders faced with multiple engine installs. No matter what protocol you are using the MG3000™ will give the user concise and easy to read information right at their finger tips. Faria Beede digital gauges utilize both analog sweeps, and digital displays offering the best of both worlds.

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The Faria Beede MG1000™ is the stepping-stone of digital instrumentation. This innovative digital gauge system requires no LCD's, no system initialization, no menu setups and no user manual interaction for use -ever! Just install and go boating!

The MG1000 gauge system displays engine ECU data and alarms. Installation is simplified by reducing wiring and setup time. Our instruments communicate with the engine ECU for the most accurate information and error codes.

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J1939 Gateway Systems

The digital gateway systems, available in the Speedometer or Tachometer, is a feature-rich, intuitive engine monitoring solution for the instrument market.

The digital instrumentation communicates directly with the J1939 protocols used by the engine ECU providing an important link between the operator and the engine ECU. With just a push of a button the operator can tell the status of the health of the engine including diagnostic messages, fault alerts, and parameter information.

With a full featured J1939 interface the MG3000 series instruments provide a complete interface for virtually any SAE J1939 data.

Connect to analog and digital signals to reduce installed costs significantly.

The MG3000 and other digital instruments from Faria Beede are fully scalable from a single gauge solution to a full feature multi-gauge applications.

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